A surprise

Driving through town we see a small airplane over us and Julinho’s eyes start to shine… Lilito…he starts fumbling with his phone then looks at me and asks me ‘would you like to fly?’ That was unexpected but of course yes!! I had no camera with me (it must be a curse…it already happened to me more than 10 years ago flying out of Marajo island in Parà on a small plane, my brother had a camera and took a lot of pictures, sick and scared to death…and the camera broke…I’ve never seen him so desperate again) but there we were. Forgotten the supermarket, the provisions we drove straight to the local landing strip and got on Lilito’s plane. I knew Julinho had a pilot license…but I wouldn’t have dared to dream of flying with him over the Pantanal!!! It was a great experience, we landed with a storm arriving and he mastered the difficult task perfectly. The storm caught us in the supermarket, were we finally bought food to take on our trip.

At night we went to eat ‘espetinho’ with Alessandra and her family and she expressed what I had been feeling: it was as if we had been knowing each other for a long time and not just met a few hours ago!! …that doesn’t happen so often. Nobu, her husband told us that he had been on the river for one week at Carmindo’s (without Julinho) and hadn’t seen the glimpse of a jaguar. So he just got the fame of ‘pè frio’, that means bad luck bringer. We asked him to come along, he is very nice and funny and would have been a great travel companion.
During the night he changes his mind…must have gotten afraid of his bad fame…and the bad luck he could have brought upon us.

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