Jam Session

After a while we hear the noise of a jeep stopping in front of the house. Julinho has arrived with Marion and John from the US. They are enthusiastic about their trip to the Pantanal, first time here and first time in Brazil…20 days, wow…John gives me some funny tips about the camping at Carmindo’s and Maria’s place. They stayed the first part of their trip in pousadas and lodges along the Transpantaneira and the last days they camped. They assure it was the best part of their trip, where the
y really got the feeling of what this place is all about. They want to buy some stamps before leaving and Jon wants a pantaneiro-knife like Julinho’s who invites me to come with them, so we have the chance to get to know each other some more before the trip. Afterwards they leave with Selmis for CuiabĂ  and Alessandra laughing takes me by the hand saying the time had come for me to meet Sandy…Sandy is Julinho’s beloved guitar , his inseparable companion. I get a little taste of him playing and singing along with his sister…great! But we still have to go and buy provisions for our trip next day or else we’ll have to eat leaves.

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